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25 Oct 2022
New technology gives Canterbury’s Waitakiri Bottle Lake Forest Park best fire protection in New Zealand
The recreational spot now has five thermal imaging sensors with AI capability constantly surveying the forest.
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16 Sep 2022
Calls for spend on resilience
Australia continues to spend 97 per cent of disaster funding on response and recovery, and 3 per cent on preparation and long-term resilience. If the Black Summer bushfires and the Queensland and New South Wales floods have shown us anything, it is that we need to drive systemic change to get off the natural disaster treadmill.
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16 Dec 2020
Fighting Wildfires Goes High Tech With Laser Drones, Sensors and Satellites
Australia’s fire season looms and researchers are looking to move beyond ‘detecting fires with people in towers and binoculars’
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16 Sep 2020
Attentis technology answers bushfire-monitoring appeal.
Attentis, Australia’s first real-time integrated environmental sensor network, is excited to be considered as part of a multi-faceted solution to bushfire resilience and we are eager to begin working collaboratively by providing our smart-sensing and wireless data transmission solutions that are already successfully in use in parts of Victoria.
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10 Aug 2020
Attentis® presents at the 2019-2020 Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements.
Our intelligent integrated networks provide instant first responder notification detailing the type of threat, location, images and live conditions that contribute its growth and impact. This intelligence enables rapid investigation, reveals the extent of the event and permits the most effective positioning of deployed resources including aerial response and ground crews.
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