10 Aug 2020

Attentis® presents at the 2019-2020 Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements.

We are providing the tools for a more effective rapid response.

Attentis® designs and manufacturers intelligent patented multi-sensors incorporating fire, flood and air composition detection with micro-climate weather, noise, vibration, ground movement and specialised sensing to deliver early notification of fire ignition, floods and airborne pathogens.

Our intelligent integrated networks provide instant first responder notification detailing the type of threat, location, images and live conditions that contribute its growth and impact. This intelligence enables rapid investigation, reveals the extent of the event and permits the most effective positioning of deployed resources including aerial response and ground crews.

The event is displayed on our interactive maps with overlays featuring live temperature, air composition and wind movement throughout the region. Mobile assets and personnel are also visualised on the maps to reveal proximity to the event to aide first responder safety.

Attentis® technology features a multitude of capabilities in situational awareness, reliable mission critical information delivery and accessibility for first responders and the general public to reduce impact and exposure.

As climate change continues to impact the severity of future events, the need for early detection and rapid response is becoming more prevalent. The impact on community safety and the economy is becoming clearer and the Royal Commission into National Natural Disasters has highlighted the need for new tools and strategies to combat the severity and impact of future events.

Attentis® has invested over 10 years developing leading situational awareness technology.

We trust that the value of our technology to communities is now revealed by the Royal Commission and will lead to the creation of further networks to support emergency services and the wider community through access to real-time integrated information to maintain awareness, improve public and firefighter safety and lead to the reduction in scale and severity of natural disasters.

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24-hour detection, notification, live conditions and situational awareness.

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