Air Quality

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The quality of our air is a critical factor for our health, agriculture, food production and our ecosystems. Natural events such as bush fires, storms, volcano eruptions, or man-made sources like vehicles and aerosols, impact the quality of our air, releasing pollutants into the atmosphere causing allergies, disease and premature death, as well as having a negative impact on food production and agriculture.

Measuring air quality is an important step in maintaining the health of our environment and the benefits it provides. Attentis® manufactures fixed and portable air quality sensors that provide continuous fine scale measurement of particulates (PM1, PM2.5, PM10), gases (CO, CO2, NO2, SO2), pollens, dust, smoke, pollution and airborne pathogens.

Our interactive networks detect and track airborne pathogens, providing notification and health information to allow the public to reduce exposure and health impacts. The Attentis® App features air quality tracking and notification for peace of mind that someone is looking out for you.

Attentis® also contracts portable sensors for rapid response during catastrophic events. Portable units measure levels of a variety of noxious gases including particulates, ozone, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, smoke and other toxic pathogens that can pose significant public health risks.

Research published in The Journal of Nature Sustainability estimates that, due to Australia’s summer bushfires, there have been 429 smoke-related premature deaths, 3,230 hospital admissions for heart and breathing disorders, and 1,523 emergency department visits for asthma at a cost of $2b.